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Monday, 5 March 2012

Frame photo Editor FULL FREE DOWNLOAD

Frame photo Editor adalah software photo editor yang begitu mudah di gunakan tanpa perlu memilki keahlian khusus, cepat dan mudah. Anda bisa mempercantik photo dengan pilihan frame yang lucu dan unik, menambah teks, setting background, menambah clips (seperti kartun dan bunga), menambah efek mask, dengan hanya beberapa klik dan drag. Selamat mencoba




pslvseo a7 said... is (at least in our opinion) the simplest option on the list. It still comes with a ton of powerful features like layers, adjustments, and user-created plugins, but is simple enough that complete newcomers can grasp it immediately. The features are across the top, and filters are accessible from a drop-down menu.
Some of the special effects are pretty cool: sharpen, blur, distort, emboss, etc. You can even get some Instagram-esque vintage effects in there for good measure. We don’t want to waste too much time on this one. It’s got a lot of features, an easy interface, and a simple layout. If you’re struggling with others on this list, then stick with the easiest option.

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